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I wanted to be a botany professor studying alternative pieces of evolutionary theory contributed by various people and extrapolated from I. Prigogine's expanded 2nd law of thermodynamics - there's a far more accurate causal explanation to be had here than the standard neo-Darwinian explanation based on random mutation and natural selection. But there's no job market - no immediate $$$ to be made for drug or GMO companies! So, I'm working on a book - I put a proposal on and added a blog - I hope to do more on the blog before too long, but I'm old and poor and need to hunt for work!

No Such Thing?

Must add to this soon, when there’s a bit more time. In chatting with Jack, it seems ever more reasonable to think there’s really no such thing as natural selection. Artificial selection, yes. Jack commented that it was more historical, … Continue reading

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Death and Taxus

It’s been ages since I added anything to this blog – I guess it’s about time! Death and Taxus.  Constants of the universe.  Taxus is the scientific name of the trees known as yew, with needle-like leaves and single seeds … Continue reading

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Human Origins and Human Attitudes

What we humans believe about our origins influences how we treat each other, our planet and the rest of the life forms that live here. This includes beliefs about evolution. Continue reading

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Atheist? Religious? Either way, science can’t help.

The presence or absence of creator-things is scientifically unapproachable Continue reading

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Evolution of altruism

Not only should we consider that altruism can indeed evolve, we should cultivate the stuff. Continue reading

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Everything isn’t a business

After decades of repetition I guess, like Pavlov’s dogs, we begin to drool whenever we hear the word “business.” Continue reading

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Everything isn’t a science.

Economics is no more a “hard” science than politics, history or sociology. Continue reading

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A little bit of physics envy, perhaps

Physicists seem to have an admirable capacity to look at things in different ways, and not freak out when somebody suggests a new view of the universe. Continue reading

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Doesn’t it seem political?

The “debate” between the neo-Darwinian theory and “intelligent design” is false and misleading Continue reading

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What’s wrong with being a theory?

I often hear evolutionists claim that evolution is not a theory, but a fact. I argue that this is not so. Continue reading

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